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Finally managed to iron out a few kinks! ( buying 100 envelopes became hard work ). We won’t go into that. 
The rest of my books ’ Any Which Way ’ are now up for grabs if you would like a copy!
£10.00 posted world wide, via PayPal - joeearleyphoto@gmail.com
A5 perfect bound, 32 pages, insert with information on, plus a digital print!
 Edition of 100

Joe’s work is always awesome. £10 inc postage is a steal. Pick one up!




New Sunday Singles Club zine! Also a Dutch postage stamp cos, sure why not?

Issue 5!




TRIP Mag Issue #3 - LADS Mag - Monday



Printed off some sweet little postcards to go out with orders, some of them look a bit broken because my printer is very old and dead but the rest are super cool and even the broken ones have a certain charm about them. 


Got some spiggin’ awesome 6x4 prints in the post from SSC Issue 4 cover gal Monika Levchenkova a little while ago. She might have some left, so maybe ask her and she might send you some.
Go and check out her work HERE and give her a follow regardless.  


Click here to read a real nice review of the Sunday Singles Club Zine project on Parallel Planets. Very flattering, accurate and honest! 
Thanks Nicole!


The very last Issue of the Sunday Singles Club zine is finally out, most of you should already have yours by now, if not they will be arriving in the next few days. Apologies for the delay. 
Thanks once again to every single contributor, subscriber, liker, reblogger and anyone else who’s seen this project and gone ”hmm, that looks alright”, it really does mean a lot and has helped a small publisher find his feet, learn loads and realise what to and not to do when working on this sort of stuff. 
Bigger, better things are already planned for later this year. Primarily some sort of longer form printed item, as well as possibly a couple of little limited zines. So keep your peepers peeped for them.
Anyway, without further ado -
Sunday Singles Club Issue 5 
Featuring -
Maddi Montero 
Jonathan Deltour
Raul Hernandez
Holly Pearson
James Proctor
Sam Bush
Alec Bennett
Ben Quinton
Andrew Kodama